2014 News

  • Article: Posture and Cell Phone Usage
    Globe and Mail - Here is an interesting article on the physical problems that can arise when using heads down posture for texting on your cell phone. Good food for thought for all ages!
  • Excellent Refute of Bill 10 in Ontario Parliament - Montessori is Mentioned
    Video: Excellent Refute of Bill 10 in Ontario Parliament - Montessori is Mentioned - by Lisa MacLeod, MPP for Nepean-Carleton and former education critic for the PC's.
  • Article: Auditor General's Report on Daycare Inspections
    Here is an article from the Toronto Star regarding the Auditor General's report on the problems with daycare inspections and follow-ups, especially at high risk centres.
  • Video: Imagine a World where Every Child Thrives!
    A shorter online video by Dr. Adele Diamond. Imagine a World Where Every Child Thrives! Adele Diamond would love to reach as many folks as possible – with the goal of helping more children thrive and of having more sensible policies for children.
  • Video: Turning some ideas on their head - by Dr. Adele Diamond
    New TEDx West Vancouver ED Talk - Montessori is referenced at approximately 4 minutes 40 seconds into the video.
  • CCMA Media Release - December 4, 2014
    Childcare Modernization Act jeopardizes Montessori education in Ontario. Montessori community urges the province to amend recent legislation to ensure Ontario families have a choice in the education of their children.
  • Bill 10 Jeopardizes Montessori Programs for 3 to 5 year olds in Ontario
    CCMA Letter - December 1, 2014 - On Why Bill 10 Jeopardizes Montessori Programs for 3 to 5 year olds in Ontario
  • News Clip: Full Day Overcrowding
    Link to CTV News clip on Full Day Kindergarten Overcrowding
  • Article: How Schools are Stifling Creativity
    How schools are stifling creativity from Mind/shift magazine - KQED
  • Article: The Value of Connecting the Dots to Create “Real Learning
    How to encourage creativity in children from The Courier Mail - Brisbane, New Zealand
  • Article: Why the Best Teachers Don't Give Tests
    The latest from Alfie Kohn, "Why the Best Teachers Don't Give Tests" from the Huffington Post.
  • Video: Montessori and Education Reform
    This video is from the "Ted Talks" about Montessori and education reform.
  • Article Blog: Classroom Ratios
    A blog from Montessori Forward about classroom ratios.
  • Article: Montessori Class Sizes
    Here is an article from the Huffington Post with an interesting viewpoint on Montessori class sizes.
  • Article: Differences in Daycare Costs across Canada
    Here is an article from CBC On-line News about the differences in daycare costs depending on where you live in Canada.
  • Article: Children's Learning and the connection to Exercise
    Article from the New York Times about exercise and children's learning.
  • Article: Generation X Parents and the 'Everything Digital Age'
    Article from the Toronto Star about Generation X parents raising their children in our 'everything digital' age.
  • Article: Using Guilt to Reason with Children Can Lead to Later Problems
    Here is an article from the Globe and Mail that suggests using guilt to reason with children can lead to problems in adulthood.
  • Article: Bribing Your Kids
    Here is an article from the Globe and Mail about bribing your kids.
  • Article: Violence in the media and desensitization
    Here is an article from the Globe and Mail about violence in the media and how parents are becoming desensitized and allowing younger children to view it.
  • Article: Teenagers and Interrogations
    The New Times - In Interrogations Teenagers are Too Young to Know Better
  • Article: O.C.D. Cannot be Ignored
    The New York Times - O.C.D. - A Disorder that Cannot be Ignored
  • Article: How Exercise Can Boost the Child's Brain
    The New York Times - article on brain development and movement. How Exercise Can Boost the Child's Brain
  • Timeline: Maria Montessori's Life
    Please enjoy this interactive link to an incredible timeline of Maria Montessori's life.
  • Article: Trying to attract women to technology and science fields
    Educators still trying to attract women to technology, science fields – Globe and Mail
  • Article: Better Ways to Learn
    Better ways to learn – The New Times – Science Section
  • Video: How modern brain science supports Montessori education worldwide.
    Here is an interesting discussion between Tim Seldin, Head of the Montessori Foundation and Dr. Steve Hughes, neuropsychologist and Montessori advocate. As Steve puts it, Montessori builds better brains.
  • Article: The Adolesent Brain
    Here is an article from the Globe and Mail on the Adolescent Brain. "Why We Need to Treat Adolescents in a Radical New Way"
  • Our New CCMA Montessori Advertisement
    "Montessori - The Advantage that Lasts a Lifetime" - New CCMA Advertisement
  • Article: The Power of Unplugging Your Children
    The Toronto Star - The Power of Technology and Unplugging Your Children
  • Article: Lice Happens Don't be Ashamed Just Be Prepared
    The Toronto Star - Lice Happens Don't Be Ashamed Just be Prepared
  • Article: Debunking the Myth of the Family Dinner
    The Globe and Mail - Debunking the Myth of the Family Dinner
  • Article: Full-Day Kindergarten
    This article is about crowded full day kindergarten and mentions that there are mixed ages in many classes and suggests it is not good for learning. We know that mixed ages works well in our environments and will respond to the reporter.
  • Radio Interview: About the impact of class size on learning
    A CBC Radio interview with Nina Bascia, a professor of Educational Policy at OISE, who suggests that class size really does impact learning.
  • Article: Kindergarten Class Sizes Overflowing
    An article on kindergarten class size in Hamilton from The Hamilton Spectator newspaper.
  • Article: Difficulty for Parents to Balance Work and Home Life
    An article from the Globe and Mail newspaper on the difficulty for parents to balance work and home life, especially when it comes to helping their children with their homework.
  • Article: Happy Birthday Maria Montessori!
    A blog post by educator, Rick Ackerly, saluting the Montessori method and Maria Montessori’s Birthday, which was on August 31,1870.
  • Article: Watch the Turmoil of Beings - The Tao of Montessori - Chapter 16
    Here is an inspirational message from The Tao of Montessori that speaks to how we feel as we begin to settle our classrooms.
  • Article: Autism symptoms may disappear by age 3 if treated in infancy
    An article that deals with early diagnosis for autism from the Globe and Mail newspaper.
  • Article: Physical Activity & Intellectual Fitness
    Globe and Mail newspaper article about Physical Activity & Intellectual Fitness
  • Article: Family Dinners as Protection against Cyberbullying
    Globe and Mail article about Family Dinners as Protection against Cyberbullying
  • Article: Full Day Kindergarten Challenges
    Article from the Globe and Mail on the Challenges of Full-day Kindergarten
  • Article: Full-day kindergarten: good investment or just good politics?
    Article from Globe and Mail on Full-Day kindergarten
  • Article: Ways to Help Kids Cope with Stress of Returning to School
    CBC News on-line about ways to help kids cope with the stress of returning to school.
  • Article: What we know about full-day kindergarten
    Article from the Globe and Mail newspaper - What we know about full-day kindergarten
  • Article: The Impacts of Full Day Kindergarten
    Article for the Toronto Star newspaper on the impacts of full day kindergarten
  • Article: How Students' Math Scores Lower in Ontario
    Globe and Mail article on how students' math scores are lower in Ontario
  • Article: Occupational Therapy for Children with Reading Challenges
    How Occupational Therapy Can Help Children with Reading Difficulties
  • Article: Parenting Challenges of the Digital Age- Leonardo Da Vinci Academy
    Wise words form Sal Ritacca, president and co-founder of the Leonardo Da Vinci Academy.
  • Article: CCMA Administrator in the Press
    Happy to see one of our administrators in the press!
  • Article: Breaking Down the Gender Divide with Toys - Globe & Mail
    Here is an interesting article for parents to think about from the Globe and Mail newspaper.
  • Article: Montessori Basics 101
    This is a good introduction to Montessori basics written by Aubrey Hargis, a Montessori teacher from her website, www.montessorimischief.com
  • Article: Facing down autism-The Unconventional Therapy that Led to Recovery
    Here is a current article on a current approach to children with autism that claims successful results.
  • News: Elaine Hopkins - Passing
  • News: Audrey Sillick – Passing of a Great Montessori Mentor
  • Article: Are You Paying Your Kids for Good Behaviour? - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Simplest Way to Give Your Child a Head Start - Globe & Mail
  • Article: How to Become a Leader Even If You're Average - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Autism Linked to Pesticide Exposure in Pregnancy - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Math Class Could Help You in Later Life - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Why We Choose Our Words with Kids Carefully - Mariamontessori.com
  • Article: Rethinking the Colorful Classroom - The New York Times
  • Article: Girls Do Better than Boys at School - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Is Montessori Right for Your Child - EssentialKids.com
  • Article: Training the Brain Maybe Key to Controlling ADHD - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Why Kids Over 5 Aren't doing Enough Physically - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Montessori Education Defined - Parenting.com
  • Article: Process In a Product-Oriented World-Blog from MJDS.ca
  • Article: Manipulating Happiness, Maria Montessori - Journal of Wellbeing
    This article is from the International Journal of Wellbeing - 2011 Issue
  • Article: Looking at How Children Suceed - AMS Montessori Life Magazine 2014
  • Article: The Brain's Inner Language - New York Times
  • Article: How Schools Adjust to Gen X Parents - ISM Magazine
  • Article: Social Media-Parents Need to Relax - Globe & Mail
  • Article: 4 Mistakes Parents Make When Praising Kids - Globe & Mail
  • Picture: Montessori Banner Flying Over Manhattan, NY - New York Daily News
  • Article: Cursive Writing Returns to Schools - Toronto Star
  • Article: Secrets of the Brain - National Geographic
  • Article: The Overprotected Kid - The Atlantic Magazine
  • Article: Childhood Stimulation, Key to Brain Development - The Guardian
    This Article is from October 2012.
  • Article: Don't Help Your Kids with Their Homework - The Atlantic Magazine
  • Article: Full Day Kindergarten Offers Little Advantage - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Why Full Day Kindergarten is Failing Our Kids - Macleans Magazine
    From the October 2013 Issue of Macleans Magazine
  • Article: War Over Math, Distracting & Futile - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Why Empathy is Declining Among Students - Psychology Today
  • Article: Montessori Banner Flys Over Manhattan, NY - New York Daily News
  • Article: Montessori - Hands On - The Montessori Observer
    Montessori Hands On with the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Article: The Montessori Marquez Connection - Montessori Observer
  • Article: Schools Sending Special Education Kids Home - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Overprotective Parenting, Finding Balance - ClubMom.ca Blog
  • Article: How You Should Talk to Your Kids - Psychology Today
  • Article: Can We Quantify Good Teaching - Blogs.edweek.org
  • Article: Full Day Kindergarten, Looking Beyond Test Scores - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Parenting More Then Building Grit - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Montessori Peace Educator - JolaMontessori.com
  • Article: Play Learning & Montessori Education - Journal of Play
    This article is from the Winter 2013 Issue of the Journal of Play.
  • Article: How to Nurture Your Child's Mental Health - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Three Family Friendly Goals for a Happier Home - Globe and Mail
  • Article: Parenting Trend with an Anti-Guilty Clause - Globe and Mail
  • Article: The Future of Education was Invented in 1906 - Forbes Magazine
  • Article: Family Happiness - Do Parents Expect too Much - Globe & Mail
  • Article: What Makes a Great Principal - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Sibling Relationships & Kids' Vocabulary - Globe & Mail
  • Article: Training the Brain Maybe Key to Controlling ADHD-Globe & Mail
  • Article: ADHD-A Mental Health Crisis or Cultural One - Macleans Magazine
  • Article: Switching Schools Before Grade 3 Affects Academics -Toronto Star
  • Article: You Think You Know What Teachers Do - Washington Post
  • Article: Early Engagement Key to Get Girls into Science-Globe & Mail
  • Article: The Math Phobia Equation for Parents and Kids - Globe and Mail
  • Article: Young Children’s Interpretation of Multi-Digit Number Names
  • Article: Kids May be Ready for Math Earlier than You Think
  • Article: New Research Supports Montessori – Or Does It?