Casa Lead Montessori Teacher – Start Date: August 23, 2021


Perth, ON
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Perth Children’s House Montessori School

Job Title: Casa Lead Montessori Teacher
Reporting To: Board of Directors

Main Purpose:
Lead Montessori Teacher (Casa):
The Lead Montessori Teacher (Casa) closely observes children to determine and meet their individual
needs. Responsibilities include creating lesson plans and curricula focused on developing social, physical,
intellectual, and emotional skills, assessing children’s individual needs, and communicating with parents as
required. You should be able to create a nurturing, stimulating classroom where every child feels included.
The Lead Montessori Teacher (Casa) is expected to participate fully in the life of the school, attending
meetings and staff retreats, events, school celebrations, serving on/leading committees and upholding the
mission, vision and values of PCH.

To be successful as a Lead Montessori Teacher (Casa), you should be a lifelong learner who inspires a love
for learning in your students. Outstanding candidates are able to accept failure, learn from their mistakes,
and embrace creativity and independence.

Required Education/Certification
Qualified as a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE), or equivalent.
Completion of an accredited Casa Montessori training program.
3-4 years of experience as a Montessori teacher in a Casa program
Standard First Aid and CPR-C Certification.
Up to date vaccination record on file at the school.
An annual Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check with “No record found” status.

Required Skills
An ability to teach groups of children of varying ages, needs, and abilities.
Patience and excellent observational, communication, and diagnostic skills.
The ability to multitask, keep calm under pressure, and treat everyone with love and respect.
Excellent planning and organizational skills.
Initiate the development of various projects and programs related to the curriculum.
Creative problem solving and a willingness to learn.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Ability to deal with sensitive issues in a strictly confidential and professional manner.
Ability to collaborate with a team of diverse staff in a professional and positive manner.
Ability to guide and oversee staff and contractors, as needed.

Key Responsibilities
1. Observe all safety regulations as outlined by the Child Care and Early Years Act, the local Health
Unit and the PCH Board of Directors.
2. Conduct Fire Drills in accordance with school policy and maintain records of drills for examination by
Fire Department officials.
3. Know and follow all Perth Children’s House policies (Playground Policy and Supervision Statement,
Serious Occurrence Procedures, Behaviour Management Practices, the Perth Children’s House
Bylaw, the Parent Handbook, etc.).
4. Observe students daily for signs of illness and recording presence of any communicable disease on
the student’s medical record sheet.
5. Obtain medical assistance when required for the students.
6. Ensure the safety and well being of the children at all times.
7. Ensure that cleaning and sanitization protocols are followed.


8. Ensure the requisite learning environment, as directed by the PCH Program Statements, is being
implemented. Guide and support fellow teachers, assistants, and lunch monitor staff in the creation
and maintenance of this valuable learning environment, as necessary.
9. Welcome the Casa children upon arrival and bid them farewell when leaving.
10. Ensure that Casa teachers maintain daily attendance records.
11. Work with fellow teachers to maintain student progress records including, a qualitative record of the
student’s daily performance, and occurrences of discipline, incidents and achievements. Coordinate
the completion of a report for all students twice a year: mid-winter and June (on the same schedule
as Elementary). Responsible for the one-month trial period assessment and release for all students.
12. Work together with fellow educators to ensure children are given due time and attention to facilitate
learning, growth and development both individually and in small groups.
13. Work together with fellow teachers, support staff, and parents to provide individualized support
plans for children with special needs.
14. Maintain the classroom’s physical environment and materials in a clean, functional, and attractive
manner as well as maintain supplies, keep an up to date inventory of school equipment, and notify
the Board of any replacements and repairs, as needed.
15. Identify and recommend to the Board any necessary training materials to be purchased to enhance
the learning environment, once per year.
16. Work with fellow teachers to maintain files and forms related to Health and Safety issues on an
ongoing basis for both children’s files and administration.
17. Participate in the school’s hiring processes as appropriate and necessary.
18. Maintain courteous and professional relationships with staff members, parents, PCH Board of
Directors, and members of the public.
19. Initiate daily interactions with Casa parents during drop off/pick up, when possible. Every effort must
be made to connect with the families, to facilitate, maintain and improve communication.
20. Maintain open communication between the Teaching Staff and the Board. Communication with
parents should always be conducted in a timely, professional, thorough, and responsible way. Any
behavioural, academic or health concerns about the children should first be discussed between staff
so that everyone is aware of the issues. Ongoing and/or serious behavioural issues should be
immediately reported to the board according to the Behaviour Management Policy.
21. Promote and develop advancement of the cognitive, emotional, social and physical well being of the
students in the classroom.
22. Daily management of students in the classroom including developing and implementing curriculum
that challenges each student to realize their full potential.
23. Preservation of and participation in school traditions and rituals.
24. Communicate with the parent community by:
● Handing out or electronically delivering classroom-related correspondence to parents via
HiMama and/or email.
● Contributing to the school’s monthly newsletter via the Communications Committee.
● Checking in with parents before conferences/parent-teacher interviews, as needed.
● Establishing and maintaining office hours to be available to meet with parents.
● Educating parents about the PCH Casa program through conferences, emails, and parent
educational evenings.
25. Regularly assess Casa student’s learning and provide evidence of student learning in the student
portfolios and present this learning in formal conferences/parent-teacher interviews two times per
year, once in mid-winter and once in June. Coordinate dates for these conferences with the
Elementary Lead Teacher to avoid time conflicts.
26. Work with the Board to conduct parent education meetings two times per year to familiarize parents
with the basic Montessori methods and PCH policies.
27. Work with fellow teachers and the Board to conduct an Open House midway through the school
year on a date agreed upon by the Board.
28. Provide input for school policy statement revisions as required.
29. Ensure attendance at monthly Board Meetings.
30. Responsible for communicating if late pick ups should occur and following up with the parent (via
Liaison, if required) and Treasurer if lateness becomes an issue.
31. Direct and mentor fellow educators/assistants from time to time, as required. Provide
constructive feedback to fellow employees. Provide annual self-evaluation forms and review
with each employee once completed.

Please forward cover letter and resumes to: Cheryl Forbes Gillieson

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