Montessori Academy of London – Junior High, Music, French & Visual Arts Building

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Montessori Academy of London has 5 Campuses

  1. Main Campus & Elementary Program
  2. Oxford Central Casa Program
  3. Waterloo Central Toddler & Casa Program
  4. Westmount South Half-Day Toddler & Casa Program
  5. Junior High Music, French & Visual Arts Building

Contact Information for All Campuses (See Faculty Phone Extensions below):
Phone: 519-433-9121
Fax: 519-433-8941

Campus #5 – Junior High, Music, French &amp: Visual Arts Building

742 Waterloo Street
London ON
N6A 3W3

School Location:
The Junior High and Specialty campus at 742 Waterloo Street, is located north of Picadilly Street,
near the intersection of Waterloo and Oxford streets, on a diagonal from the main campus.

Programs Offered at this Campus:

  • Montessori Junior High – Ages: 12 Years to 13 Years
  • Specialty Programs – Music, French & Visual Arts

Contacts for All Campuses:

Tameka Brown, Reception Front Desk

Tina Sartori, Executive Director – ext. 210

Victoria Little, Registrar – ext. 211

Kristen Crouse, Academic Director – ext. 222

Linda Yovanovich, Communications Director – ext. 225

David Pasquino, Finance Director – ext. 229

Tonya Dendrinos, Development Director – ext. 233

For admissions and general inquiries, please call the Main Office or email